About Us

As our nation’s healthcare system is rapidly changing, Meridian Private Health was founded by Physicians and entrepreneurs to insure personalized, high quality, and cost effective care.

We believe firmly in the growth and need for true Private Health Medicine. The concept is simple, the best medicine is practiced with:

—Easy access to physicians.
—Unhurried and comprehensive visits with physicians.
—Thorough physician communication not only with patients but also with other health professionals.

With Private Healthcare, medicine can be focused on proactive preventative care vs the more expensive reactive model of healthcare. By contracting with like minded physicians and healthcare providers of the highest caliber, Meridian is prepared to guide it’s members efficiently through a healthcare network that is not driven by government and insurance companies but by the relationships with the patients themselves.

Although Meridian does not provide any direct health care to it’s members, we ARE your ADVOCATE and the key to your personalized Private Health Network. We are there to insure the promise of truly personal, truly high quality, and truly cost effective care.